Routing APIs for Trucking & Logistics

Customized routes and ETAs for highway and last-mile routing

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Why rideOS Routing?

Seamlessly input to dispatch

rideOS Routing can function effortlessly with your dispatch service, allowing you to use our ETAs and predicted routes to decide which shipments to assign to specific trucks.

Cost efficiency

We provide exceptional capability at a competitive price. Get started with 100K free API calls per month when you register for an API key.

Global coverage

We can support your freight service no matter where you are driving.


ETA tuning

Statistically fine-tuned ETAs based on real-time, historical, and weather data.

Tailored paths

Paths tailored to your specific vehicles and operational roads.

Routing profiles

Assign individual routing customizations to each type of truck in your fleet.

Ingestion Pipeline

Scalable data ingestion pipeline frequently updated for traffic data, new map data, and constraint data.

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