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Innovative solutions for real-time location intelligence

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Why rideOS Routing?

Highly accurate location data

With accuracy in mind, our Routing APIs can help your customers find events or locations within driving distance of where they are.

Easily visualize routes

We show routes to potential points of interest with clean and simple visualizations.

POI ranking

We rank different potential points of interest based on driving distance, providing you the best option every time.

Interactive visualizations

With markers that you can drag to different points on a map, we allow you to power real-time, interactive route visualizations.

Cost efficiency

We provide exceptional capability at a competitive price. Get started with 100K free API calls per month when you register for an API key.


ETA tuning

Statistically fine-tuned ETAs based on real-time, historical, and weather data.

Basemap agnostic

Capable of ingesting OSM, TomTom, HERE and custom basemaps.

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