Routing APIs for Last‑Mile Delivery

High-accuracy ETAs and customizable routes in last-mile delivery

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Why rideOS Routing?

Arrive on-time, every time

With highly accurate predictive pickup and drop off ETAs, we make sure your customers always get their packages delivered on-time.

Seamlessly input to dispatch

rideOS Routing can function effortlessly with your dispatch service, allowing you to use our ETAs and predicted routes to optimally assign trucks to deliveries.

Optimize your deliveries

Use our predictive routing simulator to place your dropoff depots in optimal locations to increase the number of deliveries your fleet can do.

Cost efficiency

We provide exceptional capability at a competitive price. Get started with 100K free API calls per month when you register for an API key.


ETA tuning

Statistically fine-tuned ETAs based on real-time, historical, and weather data.

Tailored paths

Paths tailored to your specific vehicles and operational roads.

Basemap agnostic

Capable of ingesting OSM, TomTom, HERE and custom basemaps.

Batch operations

Support for handling batch requests in the form of a matrix for computing large numbers of ETAs efficiently.

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