Fleet optimization, tailored to your use case

Optimization assigns tasks to vehicles across your fleet, enabling you to maximize your business outcomes. Built with flexibility and performance in mind, Optimization boosts fleet efficiency and helps you fine-tune your end user experience.

Designed to help you make intelligent dispatch decisions

Learn more about how rideOS can increase your fleet efficiency and cost savings.

Boost fleet efficiency

Pooling and batching

Accomplish multiple tasks with one vehicle, without sacrificing user experience.

Supply positioning

Relocate idle vehicles to areas of higher demand based on historical and real-time data.

Account for routine tasks

Configure time windows for pick up and dropoff, and add servicing steps for clean up.

Support any mobility use case at scale

Inventory management

Define multiple inventory types and optimize vehicle assignments based on capacity.

Depot modeling

Automatically send vehicles to restock, or pre-load large inventory for longer shifts.


Support any fleet size and trip volume.

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