Command Center

Intelligent and flexible dispatching for any mobility use case

Command Center is a modular solution that optimizes fleet utilization, monitors your fleet in real-time, and provides analytics to gain insights to improve your operations.

Get to new markets faster

Inventory management

Define multiple inventory types and optimize vehicle assignments based on capacity.

Depot modeling

Automatically send vehicles to restock, or pre-load large inventory for longer shifts, or recharge.

Customizable ‘knobs’

Option to set pickup/dropoff within specified time windows and limits on overall trip time. Our ETAs will account for the operational time required.

Boost fleet efficiency

Dynamic dispatch

Dynamically change your fleet’s plans based on real-time data like traffic, closures, and new tasks.

Supply positioning

Accomplish multiple tasks with one vehicle, without sacrificing user experience.

Low latency

Return complex fleet plans in a matter of seconds.

Customize for your use case

Cost Profiles

Tune our cost function based on your needs. For delivery, you can minimize distance traveled. For ridehail, you can minimize customer wait time.

Pickup/Dropoff windows

Specify time windows for pickup or dropoff based on inventory type and business logic.

Built for accessibility

Model different kinds of inventory, wheelchairs, car seats, refrigeration, etc.

Analytics and real-time monitoring

Fleet-wide metrics

View summaries of fleet utilization, historical demand, and algorithmic performance.

Real-time monitoring

Query for live status for trips, fleets, or individual vehicles.

Live map

Live view map with vehicles and trips.

Dispatch API

Make optimal dispatch decisions

One API to manage your fleets, create on-demand or scheduled tasks, and receive optimal dispatch decisions

Supports any mobility use case

The Dispatch API can model use cases such as on-demand delivery and scheduled ridehail or shuttle services.

Easy to set up

Intuitive REST API and extensive documentation that make it easy to integrate with.

Web app

Visualize and monitor your fleets in real-time

Using the Command Center web app means identifying and solving problems faster. Get insights into your fleet operations and quickly troubleshoot issues with details such as trip history and vehicle assignments.


Track key metrics for your fleet

Get insights into your fleet operations and quickly troubleshoot issues. Using the Command Center web app means identifying and solving problems faster.

Ready to get started?

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