Hey rideOS employee!

By visiting this page, you are helping us out by excluding your activity from analtyics data on external user activity. This works by tracking a cookie we've set on your browser that identifies you as an internal user.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of this system, we ask that you visit this page with each different browser application and on each device you use regularly to view rideOS web pages. Once this page has been visited, your activity should then be automtically be excluded from external user activity analytics on all rideOS subdomains. You should not need to visit this page again on that browser or device unless you clear your browser cookies or until the cookie expires two years from now.

If you regularly use incognito mode or something similar, please keep in mind that it has the potential to interfere with this system and could mistake your activity for that of an external user in our analytic data.

Lastly, this is a secret page meant to be hidden from public navigation and is intended to be visited by internal users only but is not explicitly enforced to prevent external traffic. So please, do not share this page with any external folks or in any public channels of communication.

Thank you for your help!

- The rideOS Web Team