rideOS—powering Gopuff’s advanced technologies

Our optimization technology drives efficiency across Gopuff’s rapidly expanding delivery network—and we’re growing our team.

rideOS plus Gopuff

Delivery service Gopuff acquires rideOS for $115 million

How we work together to make daily life effortless, at scale

Today, customers in 1,000+ cities turn to Gopuff to deliver their everyday essentials effortlessly. Our technology and team enable Gopuff to innovate faster, power multi-modal deliveries, and reduce delivery times to deliver a best-in-class customer experience around the globe.

rideOS technology is super‑charging Gopuff innovation

Advanced Routing

We maximize ETA accuracy and map efficient routes across different modes of delivery transportation, ensuring that customers get their deliveries in 30 minutes or less.

On-Demand Dispatch

Our intelligent dispatch solutions automatically assign deliveries to our driver-partners, accounting for real-time traffic to make managing deliveries seamless.

Simulation Technology

Our simulation technology ensures the optimal delivery fleet size for Gopuff fulfillment centers and identifies new site locations as we expand to cities around the world.

We’re growing our team

Leverage the hustle of a startup to tackle exciting challenges that come with Gopuff’s hyper‑growth!

San Francisco (HQ)

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Delivery Management

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Delivery management, or fleet management, is the set of processes used by companies to efficiently transport goods from one location to another, usually from a depot or vendor to the end customer.