mobility-as-a-service platform

Software to efficiently move people and things throughout the world


A fully integrated suite of MaaS products

We bring together everything that’s required to help mobility operators launch faster, increase utilization, and drive growth. rideOS products power fleets for automotive OEMs, on-demand transportation and logistics companies, and leaders in autonomous vehicles.

Our partners use rideOS products to optimize for ride hail, last-mile logistics, food delivery, and everything in between.

Command Center

Intelligent and flexible dispatching for any mobility use case


An accurate and customizable routing engine, built for scale


Fleet optimization, tailored to your use case

Built for developers

Easy integration for every use case

Our products are built with developer experience in mind, including detailed documentation and guides for easy integration.


Build an intelligent and flexible mobility system using our Dispatch API in 5 minutes

Use case guides

Get up and running quickly with step-by-step guides for your specific use case.

Why rideOS

A technology-first approach to MaaS

Accelerate your time to market

Using rideOS technology dramatically speeds up your time to market, so you can focus on your business instead of trying to solve the hard algorithmical problems inherent in mobility.

Reduce costs and business risk

Rather than going through the costly and risky hassle of building a mobility solution in-house, rely on our expertise in optimizing any mobility use case affordably.

Best in class performance

Our technology has been proven to outperform the competition, leading to increased efficiency that goes straight to your bottom line.

Use technology that scales with you

rideOS infrastructure is deployed in the cloud to provide a service with horizontal scalability, low latency and high redundancy.

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